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Forescout eyeControl is a network security tool designed to automate policy enforcement and response actions across a network, enhancing the capabilities of the Forescout cybersecurity platform. It allows organizations to implement security controls and automate responses to identified threats, thereby improving overall security posture and operational efficiency.


Section 1

Installation & Setup

Proper installation and setup are critical for maximizing the benefits of Forescout eyeControl, a network access control and policy enforcement tool designed to enhance cybersecurity posture. This section guides through the installation process, initial configuration, and troubleshooting common issues to ensure a smooth deployment.

Begin with verifying that your environment meets the minimum system requirements for Forescout eyeControl, which include hardware specs, supported operating systems, and network prerequisites. Obtain the latest version of the eyeControl installer from the Forescout customer portal.

Execute the installer on your designated server, following the on-screen instructions. This typically involves accepting the license agreement, selecting the installation directory, and configuring initial network settings. It’s crucial to ensure network connectivity and proper DNS settings during this phase to facilitate seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

After installation, launch the eyeControl management console to start the initial setup. This involves configuring the core settings such as network interfaces, user authentication methods, and integration with other network components like switches, routers, and firewalls.

Define your network policies and access control rules according to your organizational security guidelines. This may include setting up segmentation rules, compliance standards, and response strategies for non-compliant devices. Initial policy configuration is vital for effective network control and should be aligned with your cybersecurity objectives.

A common issue is network connectivity problems, which can prevent eyeControl from communicating with managed devices. Check all network connections, ensure proper configuration of network devices, and verify that no firewalls are blocking the communication.

If you encounter errors during the installation or initial configuration, review the installation logs for any specific error messages. Ensure all prerequisites were correctly installed and configured, and consider running the installation process again if necessary. Forescout’s support documentation and customer service can provide additional assistance for unresolved issues.

Section 2

Features and Capabilities

Forescout eyeControl offers a comprehensive set of features designed to improve network security through enhanced visibility, access control, and policy enforcement. Understanding these capabilities allows for better utilization of the tool’s potential in securing your network environment.

eyeControl provides real-time network monitoring, enabling visibility into all devices connected to the network, including BYOD, IoT, and operational technology (OT) devices. This visibility is crucial for identifying unauthorized access and potential vulnerabilities.

The tool implements dynamic policy enforcement, allowing automatic remediation actions like blocking, isolating, or granting limited access to non-compliant devices. This ensures that only compliant devices can access network resources, significantly reducing the risk of security breaches.

Use cases include regulatory compliance, where eyeControl can ensure devices meet industry-specific standards and policies before granting network access. It’s also used for incident response, where the tool can automatically isolate infected or compromised devices to prevent the spread of malware.

Another application is in secure network access for guests and contractors, providing them limited access based on company policies without compromising the overall network security.

Despite its comprehensive features, eyeControl may have limitations in environments with highly complex network architectures or where legacy systems are prevalent. Integration with certain legacy systems might require additional configuration or workarounds.

The effectiveness of eyeControl also depends on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the policies defined, meaning a steep learning curve for administrators new to the tool or to network security policies in general.

Section 3

Advanced Usage and Techniques

For organizations looking to leverage Forescout eyeControl beyond basic functionality, advanced features and techniques offer enhanced security and network management capabilities. This section explores deeper uses, best practices, and integration tips to maximize the tool’s impact.

Explore the automation capabilities of eyeControl to streamline response actions for common security incidents. By integrating with other security tools like SIEMs and vulnerability scanners, eyeControl can automate workflows based on specific triggers or alerts.

Utilize the custom scripting and policy creation features to develop tailored responses to unique network events or compliance requirements, enhancing the tool’s flexibility and effectiveness in diverse environments.

Regularly update eyeControl and its policy rules to reflect the evolving network landscape and emerging threats. Regular audits and reviews of policy enforcement logs will help identify potential areas of improvement.

Engage in continuous training for network administrators and security teams to keep abreast of the latest features and best practices in eyeControl usage, ensuring the tool is used to its full potential.

Leverage eyeControl’s integration capabilities to connect with other security tools such as SIEMs, firewalls, and endpoint protection platforms. This holistic approach allows for a more coordinated and efficient response to security events.

Utilize the data and insights gathered by eyeControl to inform broader security strategies and risk assessments, integrating with risk management and compliance frameworks to enhance organizational security posture.

Section 4


As users increasingly seek clarity on the functionalities and operations of Forescout eyeControl, addressing common questions and misconceptions becomes crucial. This section is designed to provide essential insights, clarify doubts, and debunk myths related to eyeControl.

  • How does eyeControl integrate with existing Forescout deployments?: eyeControl is designed to seamlessly integrate with Forescout platforms, enhancing their capabilities with additional automation and control features.
  • Can eyeControl operate independently of other Forescout products?: While eyeControl is an extension of the Forescout platform, it requires a Forescout environment to function, as it builds upon the visibility and detection capabilities provided by Forescout.
  • What types of devices can eyeControl manage?: eyeControl can manage a wide array of devices detected by the Forescout platform, including IT, IoT, and OT devices.
  • Is there a limit to the number of policies that can be implemented in eyeControl?: While there may be practical limits based on your environment’s size and complexity, eyeControl is designed to support a wide range of policies tailored to various security needs.
  • How does eyeControl ensure compliance with privacy regulations?: eyeControl adheres to Forescout’s overall commitment to privacy and compliance, ensuring that data handling and processing meet regulatory standards.

  • Misconception: eyeControl provides real-time threat prevention: While eyeControl significantly enhances response capabilities, it primarily focuses on automation and control based on the information provided by the Forescout platform.
  • Misconception: eyeControl is too complex for small businesses: Although eyeControl is a powerful tool, its applicability depends on the specific security needs and infrastructure of the business, not just its size.
  • Misconception: eyeControl replaces the need for manual security operations: While eyeControl automates many tasks, it should complement, not replace, a comprehensive security strategy that includes manual oversight.
  • Misconception: eyeControl can instantly fix all network security issues: While eyeControl enhances network security through automation, it is most effective when used as part of a layered security approach.
  • Misconception: Only IT professionals can manage eyeControl: While IT professionals are likely to get the most out of eyeControl, its user-friendly interface is designed to be accessible for personnel with varying levels of technical expertise.

Section 5


This section will show you the different tools Forescout has to offer.

Provides comprehensive visibility into the devices on your network.


Offers network security solutions tailored for operational technology (OT) environments.


Aids in the design and enforcement of network segmentation policies.


Delivers automated policy enforcement and response capabilities.


Integrates Forescout with other security and IT management solutions.


Extended Detection and Response – Enhances threat detection, investigation, and response across various data sources.