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Forescout eyeInspect, previously known as SilentDefense, is an industrial control system (ICS) and operational technology (OT) network monitoring solution designed to enhance visibility and security. It provides detailed insights into network activities and potential vulnerabilities by employing deep packet inspection and advanced anomaly detection, thereby helping organizations protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats.


Section 1

Installation & Setup

The installation and setup process of Forescout eyeInspect, formerly known as SilentDefense, are pivotal for ensuring the tool’s effective operation in monitoring and protecting industrial environments. This section covers the step-by-step process to get eyeInspect up and running, initial configuration tips, and common issues that might arise during setup.

Begin by preparing your environment for eyeInspect. This involves ensuring your systems meet the necessary hardware and software requirements. Typically, this will include a compatible operating system, sufficient processing power, and memory, as well as the necessary network configurations.

The actual installation of eyeInspect involves downloading the correct version of the software from the Forescout portal, running the installer on your server, and following the on-screen instructions. This process usually includes setting up a database, configuring network settings, and installing any required drivers or additional components.

After installation, the initial configuration of eyeInspect involves setting up network monitoring parameters. This includes defining the network segments to monitor and configuring the collection of network traffic (e.g., through SPAN ports or network taps).

Next, configure the detection and alerting rules in accordance with your organizational security policies. This might include setting thresholds for alarms, configuring email or SMS notifications, and integrating with existing incident response platforms.

One common issue during installation is network misconfiguration, such as incorrect SPAN port settings, leading to inadequate traffic flow to eyeInspect. Ensure all network devices are correctly configured and that eyeInspect is receiving the expected traffic.

If eyeInspect is not displaying data as expected, verify the configuration settings, check network connectivity, and ensure that all necessary services are running. Log files and diagnostic tools within eyeInspect can provide insight into what may be going wrong.

Section 2

Features and Capabilities

Forescout eyeInspect is designed to provide comprehensive visibility and security for industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) environments. This section delves into the features that enable these capabilities, their practical applications, and inherent limitations.

eyeInspect offers deep packet inspection (DPI) for industrial protocols, which allows for detailed monitoring and analysis of ICS/OT network traffic. This feature enables the identification of irregularities and potential threats in real-time.

Another key feature is the asset inventory and management capability, which automatically identifies and categorizes devices within the industrial network, providing operators with a detailed and up-to-date view of their environment.

eyeInspect is used for continuous monitoring of OT and ICS environments to detect anomalies, unauthorized access, or signs of cyber threats, enabling timely response to potential security incidents.

The tool is also applied in compliance and risk management, helping organizations adhere to industry standards and regulations by providing thorough network visibility and security monitoring.

While eyeInspect provides extensive coverage for industrial protocols, there may be limitations in detecting newer or less common protocols. Additionally, as a passive monitoring system, its ability to block or mitigate attacks directly is limited.

The complexity of industrial networks and the critical nature of their operations mean that any changes or updates to eyeInspect’s configuration require careful planning and consideration to avoid unintended disruptions.

Section 3

Advanced Usage and Techniques

Beyond basic monitoring and protection, Forescout eyeInspect offers advanced capabilities for in-depth security analysis and enhanced operational insight in industrial environments. This section explores these advanced features, best practices for leveraging them, and integration strategies with other systems.

eyeInspect includes advanced anomaly detection algorithms that can identify subtle and complex threats that may not trigger traditional security alerts. Utilizing machine learning, these features can adapt to your network’s normal behavior, reducing false positives.

The system also provides detailed forensic capabilities, allowing for deep analysis of historical data to investigate incidents or assess network trends over time.

Regularly update eyeInspect and its protocol libraries to ensure the tool can recognize and defend against the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Engage in continuous monitoring and periodic reviews of the security policies and detection rules to ensure they remain effective and aligned with current threat landscapes and organizational objectives.

eyeInspect can be integrated with broader security and management frameworks, such as SIEM systems, to provide a unified view of security across IT and OT environments.

Leveraging its API, eyeInspect can exchange data with other security tools and automation platforms, enhancing coordinated responses to incidents and streamlining security operations.

Section 4


To fully leverage Forescout eyeInspect in protecting industrial networks, it’s important to address common questions and clarify misconceptions. This section provides answers to frequently asked questions and dispels common myths.

  • What types of networks is eyeInspect designed for?: eyeInspect is specifically designed for industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) networks, providing visibility, security, and monitoring for these specialized environments.
  • How does eyeInspect handle new or unknown protocols?: While eyeInspect has extensive support for a wide range of industrial protocols, for new or unknown protocols, it employs generic network monitoring and anomaly detection capabilities to provide coverage.
  • Can eyeInspect prevent attacks?: eyeInspect is primarily a detection and monitoring tool, meant to identify potential security issues. While it does not block attacks directly, it can integrate with other systems to trigger responses.
  • How does eyeInspect differentiate between normal and suspicious activities?: It uses advanced analytics, including behavioral analysis and anomaly detection, to distinguish between typical network behavior and potential security threats.
  • What is the impact of eyeInspect on network performance?: As a passive monitoring solution, eyeInspect is designed to have minimal impact on network performance, though considerations should be made for network bandwidth when configuring span ports or network taps.

  • eyeInspect requires changes to network devices: As a passive monitoring system, eyeInspect does not require any changes or agents to be installed on network devices.
  • eyeInspect can only monitor traditional IT networks: This is incorrect; eyeInspect is specifically designed for OT and ICS environments, though it can also provide visibility into IT networks.
  • eyeInspect is a replacement for IT security solutions: While eyeInspect is a powerful tool for OT security, it is meant to complement, not replace, existing IT security solutions.
  • All alerts from eyeInspect indicate immediate threats: Not all alerts signify direct threats; some may be informational or indicative of benign anomalies. Proper analysis and correlation are required.
  • Setting up eyeInspect is complex and time-consuming: While eyeInspect is a sophisticated tool, proper planning and following setup guides can streamline its deployment and configuration.

Section 5


This section will show you the different tools Forescout has to offer.

Provides comprehensive visibility into the devices on your network.


Offers network security solutions tailored for operational technology (OT) environments.


Aids in the design and enforcement of network segmentation policies.


Delivers automated policy enforcement and response capabilities.


Integrates Forescout with other security and IT management solutions.


Extended Detection and Response – Enhances threat detection, investigation, and response across various data sources.