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Forescout eyeSegment is a network segmentation solution that offers enhanced visibility and control over network traffic, improving security by dividing networks into distinct segments based on policy rules. It helps organizations reduce their attack surface and enforce security policies effectively, ensuring that users and devices have access only to the network resources necessary for their roles.


Section 1

Installation & Setup

The installation and setup of Forescout eyeSegment are foundational steps to ensure its effectiveness in segmenting and securing your network. This section will guide you through the necessary procedures to properly install eyeSegment, configure its initial settings, and address common issues that might arise during the process.

Begin by ensuring your system meets the minimum requirements specified by Forescout for eyeSegment. This typically includes hardware specifications, supported operating systems, and network configurations. Obtain the installation package from Forescout, usually accessible through their customer support or download portal.

Proceed with the installation by running the installer on your designated server, following the prompts carefully. This will typically involve selecting the installation directory, configuring network interfaces, and setting initial parameters. Pay close attention to any prerequisites mentioned during the installation, such as required software dependencies or network settings.

After installation, access the eyeSegment management console to begin configuration. This will usually involve setting up network segments, defining policies, and integrating with your existing network infrastructure. The initial setup is crucial for tailoring eyeSegment to your specific environment, involving the classification and grouping of network assets based on your security policies.

Configure the segmentation rules according to your organizational security policies and compliance requirements. This might include setting up access controls, defining secure zones, and establishing communication policies between segments. Testing these configurations in a controlled environment before deployment is advisable to ensure they function as expected without disrupting network operations.

A frequent issue during setup is incorrect network configurations, leading to communication problems between eyeSegment and other network components. Verify all network settings, ensure proper connectivity, and consult the eyeSegment documentation for specific network configuration guidelines.

If you encounter problems with policy enforcement or segment definitions not working as intended, review your configuration settings for errors. Check the logs and diagnostic tools provided by eyeSegment for clues to the issue. Consult Forescout’s support forums or customer service for assistance if the problem persists.

Section 2

Features and Capabilities

Forescout eyeSegment offers a range of features designed to enhance network security through effective segmentation. This section explores the tool’s key functionalities, practical applications, and potential limitations.

eyeSegment provides dynamic network segmentation, allowing for flexible control over network traffic based on real-time conditions and threats. This is facilitated through continuous monitoring of network activities and the automatic adjustment of policies as needed.

The tool also features comprehensive visibility into network traffic and user activities, enabling administrators to understand and manage network flows effectively. This visibility supports informed decision-making and enhances security by identifying suspicious activities and anomalies.

eyeSegment is used in various scenarios, including protecting sensitive data by isolating critical assets, enforcing compliance with industry regulations, and mitigating the spread of network threats. By segmenting networks into secure zones, eyeSegment helps reduce the attack surface and limit the potential impact of breaches.

Another application is in facilitating secure remote access, where eyeSegment can ensure that remote users access only the necessary resources without exposing other parts of the network to potential threats.

While eyeSegment provides robust network segmentation capabilities, it may require significant initial configuration and ongoing management, which can be resource-intensive. Additionally, its effectiveness is dependent on the accurate classification of network assets and user roles.

Technical limitations may also arise when integrating with legacy systems or unsupported platforms, potentially requiring additional solutions or custom configurations to bridge these gaps.

Section 3

Advanced Usage and Techniques

Beyond basic configuration, Forescout eyeSegment offers advanced features and strategies for optimizing network security and performance. This section will delve into these sophisticated options, best practices for their application, and tips for integrating eyeSegment with other security tools.

Leverage eyeSegment’s advanced analytics to monitor and analyze network traffic patterns, identifying potential security risks or inefficiencies in your segmentation strategy. Utilize simulation features to test and refine policies before applying them to live environments.

Utilize the tool’s automation capabilities to dynamically adjust segmentation rules in response to changing network conditions or emerging threats, enhancing your network’s adaptability and resilience.

Regularly review and update your segmentation policies to reflect changes in your network architecture, business processes, or threat landscape. Engage stakeholders from different departments to ensure that segmentation rules align with business needs and security requirements.

Conduct periodic audits and compliance checks to ensure that segmentation policies are effectively enforced and that they comply with relevant regulations and industry standards.

Integrate eyeSegment with other security solutions such as SIEM systems, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems to create a cohesive and comprehensive security posture. Leverage APIs and automation platforms to synchronize information and actions across tools, enhancing response effectiveness and security response.

Section 4


Addressing frequently asked questions and dispelling misconceptions is essential for effective utilization of Forescout eyeSegment. This section aims to clarify common queries and correct misunderstandings related to the tool.

  • What is network segmentation and how does eyeSegment facilitate it?: Network segmentation is the process of splitting a network into smaller, manageable, and secure segments. eyeSegment facilitates this by providing visibility into network traffic and enabling the enforcement of security policies that control access between these segments.
  • Can eyeSegment adapt to changes in the network environment?: Yes, eyeSegment can dynamically adjust to changes in the network environment thanks to its continuous monitoring and adaptive segmentation capabilities.
  • How does eyeSegment handle new devices or applications?: eyeSegment can automatically detect new devices and applications, classifying them according to predefined criteria and applying appropriate segmentation rules.
  • Is eyeSegment suitable for all types of networks?: While eyeSegment is versatile, its suitability depends on the specific network architecture and security requirements of an organization.
  • Can eyeSegment replace traditional firewalls?: While eyeSegment enhances network security, it is designed to complement, not replace, traditional firewalls and other security measures.

  • eyeSegment is only for large enterprises: While beneficial for large enterprises, eyeSegment can also be scaled and configured for smaller businesses.
  • eyeSegment can only be used in IT environments: eyeSegment is designed for both IT and OT environments, providing flexible segmentation solutions.
  • Implementation of eyeSegment significantly slows down the network: Properly configured, eyeSegment should not significantly impact network speed.
  • eyeSegment requires extensive IT expertise to manage: While some technical knowledge is necessary, eyeSegment is designed to be user-friendly, with resources and support available for less technical users.
  • Once set up, eyeSegment does not require maintenance: Regular reviews and updates are crucial to maintain effective segmentation and security with eyeSegment.

Section 5


This section will show you the different tools Forescout has to offer.

Provides comprehensive visibility into the devices on your network.


Offers network security solutions tailored for operational technology (OT) environments.


Aids in the design and enforcement of network segmentation policies.


Delivers automated policy enforcement and response capabilities.


Integrates Forescout with other security and IT management solutions.


Extended Detection and Response – Enhances threat detection, investigation, and response across various data sources.