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This is a simple walkthrough for completing the Redeemer target machine on

Redeemer Walkthrough Task 1

Question: Which TCP port is open on the machine?

Answer: 6379

Redeemer Walkthrough Task 2

Question: Which service is running on the port that is open on the machine?

Answer: Redis

Redeemer Walkthrough Task 3

Question: What type of database is Redis? Choose from the following options: (i) In-memory Database, (ii) Traditional Database

Answer: In-Memory Database

Redeemer Walkthrough Task 4

Question: Which command-line utility is used to interact with the Redis server? Enter the program name you would enter into the terminal without any arguments.

Answer: Redis-cli

Redeemer Walkthrough Task 5

Question: Which flag is used with the Redis command-line utility to specify the hostname?

Answer: -h

Redeemer Walkthrough Task 6

Question: Once connected to a Redis server, which command is used to obtain the information and statistics about the Redis server?

Answer: info

Redeemer Walkthrough Task 7

Question: What is the version of the Redis server being used on the target machine?

Answer: 5.0.7

Redeemer Walkthrough Task 8

Question: Which command is used to select the desired database in Redis?

Answer: select

Redeemer Walkthrough Task 9

Question: How many keys are present inside the database with index 0?

Answer: 4

Redeemer Walkthrough Task 10

Question: Which command is used to obtain all the keys in a database?

Answer: keys *

Redeemer Walkthrough Flag

Question: Submit root flag

Use the get command with flag to obtain the flag.

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